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Chair's Report January 2016

The search for the original position of Brides Well is now waiting for permission to be granted for an archaeological study of the Mound, including the Ridge in our field and down to the river, which we hope will take place this summer.

We are also waiting to see what the relocation of the County Councils newly negotiated entrance into the Chapel Field will look like when the proposed industrial units are built. At present no work has been carried out.

In a fabulous turn of events, the number of stewards in our team at Glastonbury Festival this coming year has increased to 15 which will mean we will be given almost £2,000 for their work at the Festival this year. Thank you to all those who worked there in 2015. We are truly grateful. If you are interested in stewarding this year please contact us to be put on a waiting list.

I must say a big thank you to all of you who support Friends of Brides Mound financially with your friendship fees, standing orders and donations. If you would like to renew your Friendship, make a donation or set up a standing order please go to

(Jaine Raine)

swanCath Hope

A funeral celebration was held on the mound on 16/01/16 for a good friend of our land, Cath Hope. I spent several days working with Cath over the years. She liked to do the small pottering type jobs. She was one of those people who do things quietly and modestly, the kind of energy that invites fairies. She was a compassionate person always there to listen, barely letting on that she had problems of her own. I shall miss her and the land will miss her peaceful presence.

(Miranda Bruce)

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About Us:

The Friends of Bride’s Mound were formed in November 1995 from dedicated volunteers.

Mission Statement:

To preserve, protect and enhance the land known as Bride’s Mound and the immediate environs by keeping the natural simplicity of this special place open to the local community and visitors.

In 2000 Friends of Bride’s Mound gave evidence at the Public Inquiry for the District Local Plan, establishing that the whole Chapel Field was outside the Morland’s development limit.  The Inspector supported our intentions that this place would be respected for its spiritual significance and that any use of the site failing to respect the setting of the Chapel would not be allowed.

In 2005 Friends of Bride’s Mound purchased three fields, i.e. twenty-five acres of land, known locally as ‘The Brides’, which included the Ridge which forms part of the western end of Bride’s Mound. In 2009 Somerset County Council became the owners of the Chapel field.  They are liasing with us over the management of the Chapel Field.

After many years of neglect, this land is responding to the love and care from Friends of Bride’s Mound and now Somerset County Council, and is once again taking its rightful place in the Glastonbury landscape as the western gateway to Avalon.  The goalposts may have changed over the years but our mission remains the same.

Where is Bride’s Mound?

Bride’s Mound is a small hill to the west of Glastonbury in an area called Beckery island, close to the site known locally as ‘The Morland’s Site’, an abandoned sheepskin factory.  This area is in the process of being redeveloped and regenerated.  Bride’s Mound is situated near the outlying end of Wearyall Hill, just off the opposite side of Street Road. It can be reached by Bus Nos. 29, 37, 375 and 377 from the Abbey Car Park bus-stop on Magdalene Street, getting off at the Moorlands bus-stop by Beckery Enterprise Park.


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